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24 Apr 2017, 21:41 #1

The latest Elton News: Does anyone know what procedure he had done a few months ago? I heard about a possible leg issue, but not sure. And of all shows to cancel... Vegas? Where he stays in one spot for an extended period of time (weeks) rather than fly all over the globe! Let's hope it is nothing serious. He was looking better than he has in a long time at his Oscar viewing party. Time will tell.
Elton John has canceled multiple shows due to an illness that has dogged him for several months ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.
We're told Elton has canceled shows between now and May 6 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Vegas, where he's performed for years.
Our sources say Elton had a medical procedure a few months ago and was advised by doctors he needed rest. We're told he did not heed that advice and continued working like crazy. Apparently, it caught up with him and he is now following doctor's orders.
An announcement about the cancellation is imminent.

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24 Apr 2017, 23:17 #2

I read elsewhere it is some kind of bad infection, but I don't recall, saw this on Facebook.

Hope everything is ok. Image

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24 Apr 2017, 23:19 #3

A "harmful and unusual bacterial infection" has forced Elton John to cancel his upcoming April and May run of "The Million Dollar Piano" gigs at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, as well as his May 6th show in Bakersfield, California.

The singer contracted the illness on a recent tour of South America and became violently ill on a flight home from Santiago, Chile. He spent two nights in intensive care at a U.K. hospital, where he received treatment to remove the infection and was released on April 22nd. ... re-w478651

Rolling Stone says infection and an intensive care visit.
eltonjohnWoke up this morning to an avalanche of kindness and well wishes. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Thanks so much to everyone for reaching out. I'm resting well and getting stronger every day. I'm looking forward to getting back on tour in June. 
From instagram.
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Hi everybody,

I am new here, and so glad to share with you on that very interesting forum.

Here is the link to the BBC relating what happened :