New Pew Poll about all news media

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A new Pew Research Poll finds that Fox News has the best balance of viewers as compared to MSNBC and CNN and nightly network news shows;

News Audiences More Democratic

The general public has become more Democratic since 2006, and this is reflected in the audiences for leading TV news outlets. The audiences for
CNN and MSNBC, which were heavily Democratic two years ago, have become even more so: fully 51% of CNN's regular viewers
are Democrats while only 18% are Republicans. MSNBC's audience makeup is similar- 45% of regular viewers of MSNBC are Democrats, 18% are

The regular audience for nightly network news also is now about two-to-one Democratic (45% vs. 22% Republican). In 2006, 40% of the regular viewers of
nightly network news were Democrats compared with 28% who were Republicans.

The regular audience for the Fox News Channel continues to include more Republicans than Democrats. Currently, 39% of
regular Fox News viewers are Republicans while 33% are Democrats; in 2006, the margin was 38% to 31%.
How could that possibly be true?

And no one scores very well in the believability category. So when CNN says they are the most trusted news outlet I guess that is an accurate statement, but
would you crow about being believed by only 30% ?


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