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15 Oct 2003, 15:26 #1

I never did think that this album, has gotten the attention that it deserves. Although the cover leaves alot to be desired. It is among some of my favorites It does have a bit of a sad theame to it. There is really only 1 song on it that I can honstly say that I dont like. And That would be *January is the month that cares*
*I can't steer my heart clear of you* Beautiful lyrics, and the music is outstanding. Brings a tear to my eye. it is so pretty.Dreams can come true, with gods great angels like you.
Dreams can come true, with gods great angels like you.

kim bo
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10 Nov 2003, 07:42 #2

I think it's a great album. It got me through some hard times when I was splitting up with my girlfriend. I think Elton is very inventive with the chord progressions on this album (January, The Big Picture, I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of You, If The River Can Bend.....) His piano playing is great and there are some memorable solos too. The musicians on the album are very fine - for ex. bass-player Bob Birch - His his basslicks blend well in with Elton's chord and melody(If The River Can Bend, Love's Got A Lot To Answer For.....) Eltons singing is great from a man at 50(at that point) - especially on the light and poppy Recover Your Soul.It is maybe a little over-produced but I don't works.
my favorite song is January and I think that Wicket Dreams doesn't belong to the album.

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15 Nov 2003, 03:47 #3

If you listen to albums like Tumbleweed Connection and Madman Across the Water, and then listen to The Big Picture, the overproduction of The Big Picture is more glaringly obvious than usual. If I listen to The Big Picture in isolation, it's an okay album. Elton's melodies, as usual, are beautiful for the most part. How I would love to hear these songs stripped down to their bare essentials.

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07 Dec 2003, 06:20 #4

I love the album, but it's a sad one, so I don't listen to it all that often. But I do like January!

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08 Dec 2003, 05:12 #5

I love this album a lot. Some songs are sad on it like Live Like Horses which really touches me. Everytime I hear that song it has a huge effect on me and makes me emotional.

Other favorites of mine are: Can't Stear My Heart Clear of You, Big Picture, Something About the Way you look tonight, January.
Baby's Got Blue Eyes. Like a deep blue sea on a blue blue day. I love Blue Eyes.


15 Dec 2003, 05:59 #6

along with "Ice On Fire", this is one that doesn't seem to get enough respect. This is an album that really had to grow on me, in order to fully appreciate it, and most Elton albums aren't like that for me, except for a few of his 70's albums. As for Chris Thomas's overproduction, I actually don't really mind it, as the vocals and instrumentation are clear, to me anyway. I wonder if Elton will ever work with chris again. Favorite songs on this album are: "A Long Way From Happiness" (my absolute favorite, I find I can personally relate to Taupin's lyrics); "Loves Got A Lot To Answer For"; "I Can't Steer My Heart Clear of You"; "Live Like Horses"; "Big Picture"; "Recover Your Soul"; and "something about the way you look tonight".

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09 Feb 2004, 13:17 #7

"January" is the one song here that rises above the rest, that isn't "just" a ballad (though the "ballads" here are unusually "dark" and have much more depth than usual), and which can join the ranks of the best of the 70s songs of theirs. The thoughts and emotions are complicated and conflicting. It gets across a sense of wonder and mystery of being alive, and if that doesn't quite make concrete sense, that's part of what's great about the song--- it reaches for a meaning which is probably larger than Bernie himself could form in his head, at the time. Lennon would do that."In my thick skull, a joker hides." --- Taupin, 2001
"In my thick skull, a joker hides." --- Taupin, 2001

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19 Feb 2004, 22:33 #8

Well the big picture is exactly that, this album didn't get what it deserved........
however if Elton had put Candle in the Wind on this album we might have seen a different story however that was never the case.
Some of Eltons albums can have a few really great songs and some not so good songs.
This one is definatly an exception i have never heard an album like this one it is so one mood and it's flows easily.
It's meant to make you appreciate your life and Bernies lyrics and Eltons music combined is a powerful substance.

Long way from happiness: I first heard this on VH1 Story tellers Live, and i do prefer Eltons live stuff compared to the album recorded stuff but i think this song is really beautiful. My Dad recently had an alcohol problem and he had a car crash killing one of our dogs, this song keeps reminding me of how i felt. I actually bought this album when we scattered the dogs (Hollys) ashes in the river.

Live like Horses: I think i prefered the version with Pavarotti even though it was hard to understand Italian, but yeah another great emotional song in the mix.

The End will come for us: It wasn't my favourite track and it took me a while before i began to like this song but i think. I started liking it when i started to play to it, i play the piano too and love to sing Eltons songs and learning this song was a real pleasure. The scary effects at the start are a bit matrix though.

If the River can bend: This is a real favourite of mine and the chords are really mind blowing. I heard this on an Audience with Elton John and i always like playing this track it's like Long way from Happiness it contains a strong meaning.

Loves got a lot to answer for: Not a popular track but i did like this one after a while too it reminds me of maybe Belfast from the Made in England album but this has a very nice lyric...

Something about the way you look tonight: I bought the single of Candle in the Wind/Something about the way you look tonight and i was only little then but this began the circle of life to Eltons music in away it's very powerful!!!!!!!!

The Big Picture: I really like the beginning of this song, it's very sad and it's very tragic sounding like The Last song, but i think it gets spoilt during the chorus because it's too bouncy.
But a good song overall!!!!!!!!

Recover your Soul: First got to know this song on Elton John Day on Eltons top 20 and i was really interested in the video for this song, this song you either love it or you hate it somedays i like it more than others it's definatly a pleasure to play though!

January: Sounds like a Spice Girls track but it's not one of my favourites i find this tune very hard to understand and the rock beat in the chorus is again unneccessary........ Some more thought into this song i think!!!!

I can't steer my heart clear of you: Unforgettable intro very strong again and this kinda lyric that you see someone in a bad position being abused or something but theres this person that can pull you out of that!!!!!!!

Wicked Dreams: After many sad songs or mid tempo this one is definatly the odd one out, I like the piano in this song i don't like the way Elton sings parts like "Surf and Sand"

Album rating 8/10!!!!!!!!

Ian Hills
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22 Jan 2006, 00:56 #9

I hate the production on this album, th horible programmed drum machine. This album does have some very strong tracks though.
Long Way From Happiness would have been a great song without the programmed drums
Live like horses-The paverotti version is a lot better.
The End will Come is a bit too choppy.
If the river Can Bend is a fine song that is only let down by the drum programming at the begining.
Love's got a Lot To Answer For is dull.
Something About The Way You look Tonight-I am still sick of hearing this song from when Diana died. The song is too middle of The Road, sounds like a song Chris DeBurgh should be singing.
The Big Picture-as cmallaby says it starts well but is too blown out in the chorus.
Recover Your Soul is too caberet-sounds like one of those songs those singers on the electric piano always sing in a hotel bar. along with Your Song, Just The Way You Are & Yesterday.
January is a good song that should Rock out a lot more than it does, sounds nothing like a Spice Girls song.
I Can't Steel My Heart Away From You is another dull song.
Wicked Dreams is the only real uptempo song, I like this song a lot, probably because it is the only fast song and it wakes you up at the end of the album.
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Ian Hills
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24 Jan 2006, 23:12 #10

1.Long Way From Happiness **
2.Live Like Horses **
3.The End Will Come **
4.If The River Can Bend ***
5.Love's got A lot To Answer for *
6.Something About The Way You Look Tonight **
7.The Big Picture **
8.Recover Your Soul **
9.January ***
10.I Can't Steer My Heart Away From You *
11.Wicked Dreams ***
Future re-issue bonus tracks:
12.Candle In The Wind '97 ***
13.I Know Why I'm In Love **
14.No Valentines **
15.You Can Make History (Young Again) **
16.Big Man In A little Suit ***
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