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Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell say we should go to war with Russia.

Remember the outrage in the MSM when Sarah Palin suggested that perhaps we would go to war with Russia should Georgia be admitted to NATO? ABC's initial
press release about the Gibson/Palin interview blared the headline PALIN SAYS WE MAY GO TO WAR WITH RUSSIA before they changed. Well thats exactly what Powell
and Albright suggested during a CNN forum discussion. And not a word in the press...

Minnie Pearl Madeleine Albright was asked about letting Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, and the possibility that doing so would mean the
U.S. would have to respond to Russian aggression in those regions:

AMANPOUR: Now you've got Russia invading Georgia. Is the advice to the next president of the United States therefore, you have to go to war against
Russia in order to protect your NATO allies?

ALBRIGHT: ...I also think that countries have the right to choose whatever alliance they want to be in. And the main thing, while I fully agree that we
can't go back to the Cold War and have a really very bad adversarial relationship with Russia, Russia cannot think that independent countries on
its border are a threat to them.

So I think -- I personally believe that we need to go forward with the Membership Action Plan for Georgia and for Ukraine, and keep explaining
that it is not a threat.

Amanpour then tossed the question to Colin Powell, saying, "if Russia is (the aggressor) and you have to, you know, keep your NATO allies' security,
aren't you then committed?"
POWELL: Under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, which is the NATO Treaty, when one member of the alliance is attacked from abroad -- meaning outside the
NATO geographic limits -- then all members of NATO treat that as an attack...

We cannot say to the Russians, "We are not going to allow the Georgians or Ukrainians or anyone else to start down the path toward NATO
membership." It's not for the Russians to decide that.

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